Allow your purchasers to click and pick their standard and upgrade options before their appointment. See their selections come to life with our Photo-Realistic Renderings

Personalized Experience

Your interior designers can view client selections before their appointment begins and allowing designers to be more informed and provide a more personalized, custom experience.

Reports & Analytics

Your team will be provided with custom reports and analytics giving the marketing team crucial information on their purchaser’s selection patterns and trends.

Online Shopping

Just like purchasing shoes or a new car, home owners can go online, virtually decorator the builders custom selections and check out. We even allow them to digitally sign the agreement sheet.

What We Do

The Interactive Abode (TIA) is designed to improve the colour selection process by allowing your purchasers to virtually decorate and make their selections at home before their appointments. Designers find their interactions more productive because purchasers arrive prepared and informed, saving time and greatly improving customer satisfaction. Our system provides you with Reports and Analytics so you can learn more about your customers shopping behaviours.

Step 1

Step 1

Purchasers receive a Welcome Email inviting them to begin their colour appointments using our Online Design Studio Platform
Step 2

Step 2

Purchasers login, Virtually Decorate their unit and make their colour selections!
Step 3

Step 3

Once they have made their final selection purchasers can Save, Pay and Digitally Sign an agreement sheet or they have the option to book a in-person appointment.
Step 4

Step 4

Once their selections are finalized the developer can login, review reports, analytics and results from their purchasers colour appointments.

What Purchasers Say

  • "My decor appointment will be an hour tops :)"
  • "What a great help"
  • This is a great tool!

  • "All the condos and investment properties I have bought and yet this is a first"

Our Story

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